We are the leading producer of pure Wagyu beef in the United Kingdom

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The Farm and its Wagyu

At Earl Stonham Farms we specialise in the production of pure Wagyu beef from our herd of 450 cattle using traditional farming methods. The 600 acre farm in the Suffolk countryside has been laid out specifically for the well-being of these cattle, with plentiful high quality summer grazing and crops for winter feeding. In winter our cattle are housed in open-fronted sheds to keep them warm and dry, and for the preservation of the farm’s pastures.

Wagyu is an old Japanese breed of cattle which has an extraordinary ability to store fat actually within its muscles. This fat is much higher in soft, monounsaturated fat (as in olive oil) and much lower in hard, saturated fat than normal beef. This helps to give the meat it’s special deliciousness and tenderness.

Please watch the videos on this website to learn more about us and our cattle and how we produce the unique quality of beef which we proudly call Earl Stonham Pure Wagyu.

Should you wish to purchase Pure Wagyu please contact HG Walter in West London by using the hyperlink in the Buy our Wagyu section below.

Judges’ comments
Totally exceptional taste, a fantastic eating experience. Excellent aroma and appearance with a beautiful, melting, soft buttery texture.
Great Taste 2012 Gold badge
Great Taste 2017 Gold badge

Buy Our Wagyu

For over 10 years we have been privileged to supply Pure Wagyu to some of the country’s finest chefs and this is now done exclusively by HG Walter in West London, which is regarded as one of London’s finest retail and food service butchers. HG Walter also supplies our beef to the public through their retail butchery. Because we supply Pure Wagyu to them throughout the year customers can be assured of receiving fresh meat whenever they require it.

To enquire about our Wagyu or place an order please email charlie@hgwalter.com or jamie@hgwalter.com. Both are available on 020 7385 6466.

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